Ulrich C. Mettler

  • Residential tenancy law
  • Industrial and commercial tenancy law
  • Condominium law
  • Private building law
  • Real estate law

Studies of law at the Eberhard Karls University in Tuebingen. Since 2004 attorney at law. He joined the law firm Ladenburger in 2015. Permanent staff member of the German magazine "Mietrechts¬berater" (tenancy law advisor - abbreviation in the following text: MietRB).

Publications, among others: | The corporate successor's liability caused by the continuation of a corporate homepage, MDR 2012,1005 = LSK 2012, 380651 (edition 17/2012)
Effects of the decision of the supreme court of the Federal Republic of Germany on termination due to unjustified abatement of rent (sentence dated July 11, 2012 - VIII ZR 138/11 = IMR 2012, 362) on tenancy law practice, IMR 2012, 351 (edition 9/2012)
Commercial premises tenancy contracts with time limit and extension clause: Until which deadline must a declaration of rejection be given if no agreement on term has been made? IMR 2012, 265 (edition 7/2012)
Can arbitration proceedings be avoided in a permissible manner? IMR 2012, 482 (edition 12/2012)
Summary procedure in which the plaintiff relies entirely on documentary evidence - a powerful but often underrated option in cases of landlord's action for payment against tenant, IMR 2013, 44 (edition 2/2013)
Collection costs and attorney's fees - claims for compensation of damage due to delay or non-refundable expense on own account? MietRB 2013, 56-61 (edition 2/2013)
Obligation of air transport forwarders with place of business in foreign EU countries to accept German court proceedings, TransportR 2013,55-58 (edition 2/2013)
Commercial and residential tenant's obligation to give information and duty of disclosure, MietRB 2013, 184-188 (edition 6/2013)
Commercial tenant's duty of disclosure of political attitude and activity? IMR 2014, 45 (edition 2/2014)
Procedural consequences of the lawfully ordered subsequent distribution according to § 203 clause 1 No. 3 of the German insolvency code, IMR 2014, 94-96
Tenant's care, protection and custody obligation - tendencies of current jurisdiction, MietRB 2014, 87-92
Utilization of leased property: Excessive utilization of leased property and its consequences in respect to liability insurance law, MietRB 2014, 182,188

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Ulrich C. Mettler
Ulrich C. Mettler
Ulrich C. Mettler